Esther [Estee] Capland


Esther [Estee] Capland

Sales Associate, REALTOR®


Esther (Estee) Capland is a Licensed Realtor with a natural propensity for customer service and a fresh look at the real estate market. With an honest and hardworking approach, Esther is able to help her clients navigate the often-challenging waters of the home buying and selling process, with the result only being a wonderful experience.

With a passion for helping clients find their dream home or next investment property, Estee intuitively knows what type of property her client is looking for, even if they haven’t eloquently described it.

After buying and flipping a run-down, unwanted house in New York City, Estee transformed the location into a cash-flowing Airbnb. Leveraging her interior design skills, she fostered a creative and welcoming environment with around-the-clock bookings. She even had some commercials filmed on the property! With the attention drawn from the successful house flip, Estee began working with investors on identifying and flipping properties based on their goals and preferences.

With an eye for detail and a finger on the pulse of design excellence, Estee holds a unique ability to see a property’s potential and make it happen. Having helped friends, family, and investors with flipping and designing personal and investment properties, Esther is eager and ready to guide her clients through the entire real estate process on both the buying and selling side.